About Our Products

Wardrobe Wednesday is the groundbreaking fashion accessories company founded and created in Atlanta, GA (the capitol of the south). You deserve to "Be Memorable" and this is exactly what we do for you. We bring a uniqueness to your look by incorporating the best quality products at affordable prices while sourcing from multiple countries around the world. Our goal is to bring you the highest standards in representing global fashion with current suppliers in the United States, Italy, Africa and Asia. 

Founded in 2015, Wardrobe Wednesday began as a challenge to impress upon others that Wednesday is more than "Hump Day" or the middle of the week, it's Wardrobe Wednesday. Wardrobe Wednesday is a when you dress for the occasion just because you can. If you have it, flaunt it. Clothes are meant to be worn, and that includes your finer clothing choices.   

Today, the website has grown to provide you a network of timeless and classic fashion accessories for both men and women. Through this, Wardrobe Wednesday helps customers by making their mark on their peers and their industry in a fashionable manner that reflects who they are at the core.